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Suction & Amalgam Separation

Amalgam separators are apparatus designed to remove amalgam waste particles from the waste water produced in a dental surgery. Without an amalgam separator, amalgam particles can be discharged into the public sewer system.

The effort to reduce amalgam waste discharge from the dental practice stems from increasing pressure facing local water treatment plants to reduce the concentration of mercury from their plants and minimise the concentration of mercury in water courses.

It is now a legal requirement that all dental practices must have amalgam separation fitted within the dental surgery to prevent amalgam particles (which can contain up to 50% mercury) from departing with waste water.

The amalgam separators you use within your dental practice will use one or multiple technologies to remove amalgam from your dental surgery waste water. They will be either all centralised to one location or separate systems will be used for each surgery.

Whichever system you have, if it breaks down or does not perform at its optimum, it will have a detrimental effect on your productivity, often making some dental procedures impossible to complete. This could result in significant lost revenue and disruption to your patients, who may then choose to look elsewhere.

Amalgam separation has been a legal requirement in the dental surgery for many years now. If you remove amalgam in your treatment, or are likely to, you must have an amalgam separation system; the only exceptions being orthodontic practices and hygienist surgeries as the procedures involved will not remove amalgam.

If your dental practice does not have amalgam separation and is required to, please contact AG Dental for a competitive quotation on an amalgam separation system that will suit your needs and not end up costing you hugely in the long run. Beware of systems that initially seem cheap as the ongoing costs can far outweigh any initial monetary saving.

AG Dental will work with you to strive to give you the best performing, most cost effective solution for your practice. From maintenance of your existing amalgam separation and suction system, to upgrade and replacement of the entire system, AG Dental can help you every step of the way.


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